Alexander Shorokhoff uses single watchmaker for every process of one-off pieces


German Alexander Shorokhoff has placed craftsmanship center-stage with its latest collection of watches.

The watchmaker, which is distributed in more than 30 countries and has been trading for 25 years in Germany and around the world, has revealed its latest innovation in watchmaking; One of One.

The One of One skeleton timepiece is crafted by one watchmaker from start to finish. After a trial run the watchmaker signs the warranty certificate.

During the complex manufacture process, the watchmaker has the opportunity to customize the unit with the client’s initials.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The love of detail, the excellent hand engraving, the special skill of the watchmakers and your imagination will shape a movement of esthetical beauty. Some of the parts such as cases, straps or hands, are purchased from well-known suppliers.

“This watch cannot only measure time, it tells a story. A story about imagination, passion, love and art. A beautiful timekeeper that will last for many generations.”



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