Alexander Shorokhoff readies for the fall with Autumn model


Inspired by one of the most famous watches in Alexander Shorokhoff’s offering, the new Autumn model looks set to follow in the Winter’s footsteps.

With the award winning piece doing so well since its inception in 2017, Shorokhoff decided it was time for something new in 2020 with the launch of a new model, “Autumn.”

In designing the watch and as Shorokhov himself puts it, “presenting Autumn in all its spendor,” brown and golden tones have been deployed with a dark orange also been deployed.

The entire design is based on the successful automatic watch “Winter”, but has been color-matched to change its appearance.

The leaf design is refined in yellow-gold and the diamond dust is underlaid with orange color.

The case is available in two versions: one in stainless steel and the other with its case and hands plated in a chocolate tone while the stingray leather strap shines in a red or salmon color.

Additionally, the rotor of the Swiss automatic movement is also fitted with a hand-engraved golden maple leaf to finally manifest the theme.

Powered by the automatic cal. AS.2824, the watch is available for €1,599 from Alexander Shorokhoff directly.



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