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Alexander Shorokhoff brings out another Newport, ‘a customized watch for an industrial city’

The Alexander Shorokhoff Newport new release

A special watch inspired by a small seaside city in Rhode Island has been so successful, international watch manufacturer Alexander Shorokhoff, has designed another.

Alexander Shorokhoff teamed up with Ray Grenon to release a two watches, one for men one for women, and the success of those timepieces has prompted the companies to get to work on making another.

The new version underlines the maritime heritage of Newport with a large color range. The big square is coated with blue metallic and the small square, where the second hand is located, is goldplated.


Newport is a seaside city in Rhode Island. Founded in 1639 it was known as New England’s summer resort as wealthy southern planters began to build summer cottages and larger mansions on Bellevue Avenue. By the turn of the 20th century some of the richest people in America were spending their summers in Newport.

Both old and new models are exclusively available at Newport based distributor, Ray Grenon.

The new timepiece is a special edition release and has been limited to just 10 pieces.


The Alexander Shorokhoff Newport Man Version One.
The Alexander Shorokhoff Lady Newport.


Discover Alexander Shorokhoff on WatchPro Shop:

Alexander Shorokhoff
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