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Aldridge hired as new Bering area sales manager


Bering has appointed Matt Aldridge as its new Area Sales Manager for the South East.

The appointment is the latest development in the Danish watch and jewellery brand’s expansion within the UK.

Aldridge joined Bering earlier this year after spending five years growing a jewellery business in Cheshire, where he managed three watch and jewellery stores.

Bering cited Aldridge’s ‘aptitude, natural ability and extensive knowledge of the brand’ as the reason for his appointment and he has already visited the company’s offices in Denmark and Germany.

Aldridge said: “I have been on the other side of the retail ‘counter’ for the past five years and feel that I can transfer a lot of my experience and skill to the role. I can relate to customers more having been in their shoes and I have the advantage of knowing what customers want from an Account Manager and the support they need. BERING is the brand on everyone’s lips in the industry at the moment and it is incredibly exciting to be a part of it.”



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