Akrivia makes debut with efficient watch

By Jessica Knowles

New watch brand AkriviA, created in Geneva by Rexhep Rexhepi and Etienne Deschamps, has made it a mission to present exceptional timepieces and align heritage with the re-interpretation of contemporary aestheticism.

The brand’s first model, The Saturn, has a PVD dial, rhodium plated chronograph counter and polished steel plates on a hand-sewn alligator strap. Each watch is unique and assembled by hand by the same watchmaker with engraving by artisan Richard Lundin. AkriviA extend these ideas of exclusivity through to their sales- only ten samples are to be made of The Saturn.

As a brand, the focus is very much on the creators and their history within the horology world. Swiss-born Deschamps was an apprentice for Chopard where he earned the title of best watchmaker and later took on the role of Method Agent. He left this role to return to studying and it was after gaining a BA in Management at the ESM Management and Communication school that he felt ready to start his own brand.

Rexhepi is originally from Kosovo but left to live in Geneva where he gained a horology diploma from Patek Philippe, he went on to become Manager of BNB Concept as well as working with Francois-Paul Journe.

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The timepiece and brand are said to be the product of the heritage and experience of it’s initiators, supported with a crisp, intricate design and a space-age aesthetic.



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