Aeronautic-inspired watch smashes crowd-funding target within 24 hours

Apollo crowd-funding target

A collection of watch experts have managed to secure 400% of their $25,000 (£18,000) Kick Starter target to bring their aerospace-inspired timepiece to market.

Designed using technology directly aligned with the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility, the Apollo collection has its own movement support allowing for thinner cases, which creates an inner bubble effect.

The team behind Apollo crafted four regulator watch models, all inspired by space, solar system planets and their satellites: Eclipse, Full Moon, Uranus and Neptune. Eclipse and Full Moon are now available as limited editions with 999 pieces.

The campaign, which is centred on bringing the Apollo wristwatches to market, has raised $126,000 (£95,000) so far with two days to go until the deadline.
The watch was first launched on Kick Starter at the end of September and managed to raise $45,000 (£34,000) within its first week of campaigning.

The international team behind Apollo hails from America, the UK and Italy, with headquarters in both Chicago and Dubai.

“Our combined experience enables us to communicate what we actually want and how it has to be done, to our suppliers, rather than just buying what is offered,” said sales director, Harriet Stewart.

“In fact, every single part of the Apollo timepiece is custom-made to match our exigence for quality and design.”



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