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Accutron celebrates 60 years in business with iconic Empire State Building illumination


In celebration of Accutron’s 60th anniversary this Sunday, the brand will light up the Empire State Building in its signature green hue.

Not only is it one of New York City’s most iconic buildings, it is also the headquarters of the US-based watchmaker.

Throughout the week of Accutron’s anniversary, the brand will share a series of social content that highlights key moments from the past and present of the brand’s longstanding history in New York City.


Accutron encourages their fans and followers to join the celebration and enter to win their very own copy of the brand’s official book ‘ACCUTRON: From the Space Age to the Digital Age’ and a special edition Accutron x Esterbrook roller ball pen.

Accutron is known as the world’s first fully electronic watch and has been declared one of the most important innovations in the history of watchmaking.

Now, 60 years later with the same passion for innovation, design and groundbreaking technology, Accutron has more recently introduced a new historical advancement in timekeeping – the world’s first timepieces powered by electrostatic energy.

Read more about that HERE:

Accutron’s tuning fork watch reborn with an all-new electrostatic movement

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