Accuracy is hot topic for new Hotblack model


London horologist Richard Hoptroff will exhibit the latest model in his technologically advanced collection of timepieces at SalonQP next month.

The Hotblack Calibre Edition extends the techniques employed to create the most accurate consumer watches on the planet. The model is accurate to one second a year and is priced at £749.

Each timepiece is subjected to an eight-hour temperature cycling while being timed against an atomic clock. Hoptroff’s patented recalibration mechanism also adapts to any variation in the quartz crystal frequency as its ages.


An iPhone or Android phone can be used for recalibration every few months, and also to set the time accurately using internet-linked atomic time references.

“This fits in with our vision to be the makers of the most accurate watches in the world,” said Hoptroff. “They are a perfect complement to our atomic watches, which have an accuracy of 1 second per millennium.”

The Calibre edition is recognisable from standard Hotblack models thanks to its silvered glass caseback. Elsewhere the watch is waterproof to five atmospheres, boasts a five-year battery life and is available in both right and left-hand versions.

The calendar is perpetual and automatically adjusts for short months, daylight saving and leap seconds: According to Hoptroff his watches with Calibre movements are the only watches that adjust for leap seconds, because they are the only watches accurate enough to have the need to do so.

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