50 Brands of Basel: Victorinox


You’ve got to admire Victorinox for its strategy in developing its flagship Inox collection.

First the knockout, indestructible quartz watch was revealed in 2014 to applause and huge sales figures.

The following year Victorinox gave us a version with an equally robust steel bracelet and a selection of seriously limited runs in collaboration with fashionable partners.


Now is the year of the bumper, the rubber clip-on cover that is supplied with each Inox. This year, Victorinox has partnered with computer giant Acer to create Cybertool.

This 24g, round plastic clip-on smart accessory with simple dot matrix display brings a range of additional functions with it including notifications, multiple timezones, chronographs, alarms and in an emergency it will even send your phone’s GPS co-ordinates to a specified contact.

Most importantly, it is thought the battery might last a week. The Cybertool, available in black and blue, will be launched at Basel along with a number of new Inox colourways.

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