50 Brands of Basel: Andersen Genève


When Andersen Genève is not busy showing off its sexually explicit dial animations like a kid with a pack of pornographic playing cards at school, it can also turn its hand to some pretty amazing watches like this Tempus Terrae 25th Anniversary Blue Gold Dial.

For its World Timers, Andersen Genève has been using the same system for 25 years,  with two concentric rings on the dial. The outer dial is inscribed with city names while the other features a 24-hour scale.

A second crown is used to align the two rings allowing cities to be paired with their corresponding hour. The brand brings another of its hallmark innovations to this anniversary watch, its unique blue gold inner dial which is made from 21ct gold with tiny iron particles that turn the metal blue when oxidized.

The same metal, and hand-guilloche motif, is used on the reverse for the automatic movement’s rotor. The company will be producing 25 pieces each in rose, yellow and white gold to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the complication.



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