Armed gang fails to break into watch cabinets at authorized dealer in Detroit


Lucido, a high-end jewelry and watch store in the Birmingham area of Detroit, Michigan, has been hit by an armed gang trying to smash their way into the Rolex cabinets.

The robbery failed as the specially toughened showcases did their jobs and stopped the gang stealing watches despite attacking them with sledge hammers. Nobody was hurt during the attack.

“The cases are made for what happened here today — they are almost indestructible,” Vinco Lucido, the owner of Lucido Fine Jewelry, told Local 4 television’s online news site Click On Detroit.. “However the jewelry is not, so we are going to have quite a bit of product that is going to have to go back to Rolex and get repaired.”


Four men entered the store on Old Woodward Avenue just after it opened at 10am on Saturday, October 27, but escaped empty handed as staff and security systems did their jobs.

“Our staff reacted perfectly,” said Mr Lucido. “They got to safety and got the customers to safety.”

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