2017 Watch Trends No.8: Instagram Obsessively


By the last week of January, #SIHH had been used 36,401 times, while #SIHH2017 had been used an additional 17,925 times.

That is well over 50,000 pictures and videos from a trade show at which there were 40 exhibitors.

The most viewed Instagram posts, almost all of which are pictures of celebrities wearing watches from the show, were seen tens of thousands of times.

But the pyramid of Instagrammers is preposterously large, and those at the bottom get barely any views.

This fact makes it all the more difficult to understand why so many people were allowed into the supposedly exclusive exhibition, merely to point their iPhone at the latest watches and ping the pictures out to family and friends.

Right now, the most recent 10 images tagged with #SIHH2017 on Instagram have a total of 38 likes between them, an average of 3.8 each.

Of what benefit that is to the watch industry is a mystery to WatchPro.



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