20-piece limited edition chronograph embarks on world tour


The ‘Perpetual Secular Calender’ 20th Anniversary Blue Gold Dial, of which there are only 20 bespoke pieces, will start its world tour this week.

The whole Andersen Genève collection will also be showcased, which includes the Montre à Tact – a watch without a hand, the Tempus Terrae and the Cabinet de Curiosités.

After manufacturing the first ever wristwatch with the Jewish calendar, The Hebraïka, Andersen Genève created the ‘Perpetual Secular Calender’ in 1996. It was the first 100% perpetual horological wristwatch calendar programmed for 400 years.

Andersen Genève claims the ‘Perpetual Secular Calender’ has been adorned by watch collectors worldwide. The 20th anniversary edition adds one more complication and displays the days of the week on the dial. The days are represented by the sun, the moon and five planets.

Watches with perpetual calendars usually have the normal leap year cycle. Exceptions are big astronomic clocks and two pocket watches made by Patek Philippe, one being the famous ‘Calibre 89’ and the other is a watch that was made in the seventies for an American collector.

The watch will be spotlighted in the US from 6-16 October and then moves to Rome for 26-30. It finally appears in London from 3-6 November.



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