100 BRANDS AT BASELWORLD: No.93 – Zeppelin


Zeppelin says: “Zeppelin wishes to use the year of the watch, 2015, to further refine its exceptional collection and to enhance it with some model highlights. The 100 Jahre Zeppelin anniversary series has been enhanced by four automatic chronographs with a two-minute tachometer scale. This means that even low speeds can be read with absolute precision. In addition, it is sufficient to press the button once only to simultaneously reset all the chronograph hands to the zero setting. 34 jewels ensure the longevity and precision of the timepiece.

“In addition, the Flatline series that was brought out at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015 has a new look. The elegant housing sits perfectly against the wrist. A particular eye-catcher is the new interpretation of the power reserve, which is offset at 30° and gives this watch an unusually striking look. In addition, by moving the crown the wearing comfort has been clearly improved.

“In general we are highly optimistic for the Zeppelin brand in 2015. The aim is to consolidate the growth of the past years both domestically and internationally and to continue to drive it forward. In order to achieve this, the focus lies on strong specialist stores, a good price-performance ratio for products and price stability for our products in the market.”


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