100 BRANDS AT BASELWORLD: No. 92 – Junkers


Junkers says: “Junkers wants once again to present its clients with an exceptional collection of watches with true Junkers DNA. The history of the Mountain Wave Project that was sponsored by Junkers tells the story of two courageous glider pilots who flew over Mount Everest (8848 metres) at icy temperatures as low as -46°in a glider for the very first time, and, together with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) undertook the first ever 3D measurement of the mountain. Our extraordinary "Mount Everest" Junkers automatic chronograph, which was designed specifically for this project and which has a dial so blue that it mirrors the sky surrounding the highest peak on the earth, was also on board.

The new Junkers series, Eisvogel (Kingfisher), celebrates its premiere in 2015. It refers back to the first crossing of the 82nd parallel in 1923 by the pilot Neumann and the photographer Mittelholzer. They flew their F13 "Eisvogel" to the absolute limit, heavily laden with fuel and provisions, so that it was extremely difficult for Neumann to take off from the water. "I relied on my luck as a pilot. Again and again I turned to the North: That’s where the Pole is! The altimeter registered 220m. Above us an azure blue sky."

This is how Neumann described this adventure later on. Violent north-easterly winds, gusty squalls and a badly spluttering motor that at times cut out altogether prevented them from making any significant headway. The increasingly serious technical problems finally forced them to turn away from their northerly course with heavy hearts. Even though they did not reach the North Pole, by crossing the 82nd parallel they became the first pilots to venture so far towards the North Pole – a new record.”


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